Spring Bingo

Lesson Overview

Designed for students of all ages. Get outdoors and discover the wonders of spring while playing a fun ECO version of Bingo, we call Spring Bingo! Using all five senses (except taste), each item on the grid invites you to make observations of nature from the soil beneath your feet to the sky above. For example, can you find something living in a puddle?

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  • Use all of your senses except for taste! What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel?

  • Zoom in, zoom out. Look at an object far away and make observations, then get up close to it and make more observations.

  • Be curious, respectful, and responsible. Leave plants growing where they are and observe them without picking them. Keep a safe distance from critters and observe them with your eyes only.

  • Pencil

  • Spring Bingo sheet (print/digital)

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